I hope you are well!

So, the wedding is done and dusted and I have returned from Holland this week, so everything is slowly but surely getting back to normal…wow, what a period in life this was, the last couple of months…. my goodness, can’t believe it’s over now.

I wanted to send you an email, to say thank you once again for all you have done for us.

I appreciated the connection between you and Werner more than anything.

I would love if we could get together again when we visit Haenertsburg, if that’s possible at all for you…we can arrange it once we know when we’ll be able to travel again, for now, I just want to be home.

I don’t know if my parents said anything, but I wanted to give you some feedback, as I believe it’s also good for a Pastor to hear the compliments he was given by so many people.

There were a lot of tough people at the wedding, people who never speaks about the Lord, people who have been hurt so badly, they prefer to stay away from all things related to God. And this is what touched me most on that day, ALL of those people, had so much to say about your cermon. Even Werner’s brother, the best man, said if he ever gets married, he is going to come get you in Haenertsburg. Everybody loved you. It was such a blessing to me, because everyone had so much to say about me insisting to get married infront of you, in Haenertsburg, and in the end, they enjoyed you more than the wedding/reception itself.

Werner’s one friend, such a good guy, said afterwords, he wishes you could have been at the reception, as he thinks you are an awesome person.

Anyway, I can go on and on, but thank you Ian, I really appreciated you more than ever on that day.

If I ever have children I am bringing them to you, so you can bless them.

Have a wonderful weekend!