I reserve the right to refuse any request for a booking of my services and I further reserve the right to refuse to perform any service that I am not comfortable with should demands be made that I am not willing to fulfill (this has never happened to date) even if the booking has been paid and accepted. Should I refuse to do a wedding ceremony I will refund what I received in payment. Please note I do not do same sex unions.

Marriages may take place according to the Law “in” a public office, a church or building used for religious services or a private residence. There is no reference to a “roof” or for that matter “walls” so the real understanding or meaning is left up for different interpretations of the word “in”. I have discussed this with home affairs and they agree that there is no law saying you cannot get married outside or that you have to get married under a roof or sign the register for that matter under a roof.

In terms of South African law, if no ante-nuptial contract (also known as a pre-nuptial contract, or a pre-nup) is signed prior to the wedding, you are automatically married ‘in community of property’. This means that all property owned by either spouse becomes part of the joint estate upon marriage, whether it is theirs at the time of the marriage or is acquired by them afterwards. This also means that you are liable for each others debts.

Remember that the ante-nuptial contract needs to be executed by the attorney in front of a Notary Public BEFORE THE MARRIAGE – otherwise it’s not valid!

If you decide after the wedding to enter into an ante-nuptial contract, you will require a High Court application, which can be very expensive. In addition, you will be expected to produce a valid reason as to why you did not conclude an ante-nuptial contract before your marriage.

If you are a South African woman marrying a man from a foreign country, bear in mind that the law of your prospective husband’s home country at the time of the marriage applies. In this case it is best to contact an attorney prior to the marriage.

In South Africa you do not need to get a license prior to getting married.

  • The visa number / permit number / temporary residence number in your passport (scan and email to me).
  • A certified copy of your passport picture page and opposite page and you will need to fill in the Form Bl 31 – http://www.southafrica-newyork.net/homeaffairs/forms/bi-31.pdf
  • You must sign the “Declaration For The Purpose Of Marriage” form  BI-31 (which I will supply).
  • I need a “Letter Of No Impediment” from your country’s Embassy / Authorities / Government. (ie: a letter that says they are not opposedto you getting married in South Africa, to the mentioned husband or wife and that you are not married in your country of origin and that there is no lawful impediment to your marriage here.)
  • You need to please go to the nearest home affairs office in South Africa and get an interview report by the Immigrations officer.

Please verify your Marital Status by clicking on this link below:
http:// www.home-affairs.gov.za/enquiry/marital/status/marital_status.asp

On the day of the wedding, once the ceremony has been concluded, the two of you will sign a marriage register along with the marriage officer and two witnesses and then I will give you your own “manual marriage certificate” which is a form that I fill in as a registered Marriage Officer (please make sure you make certified copies). I then take the legal registered document within 3 days (from the date of marriage) with a copy of your I.D’s. to Home Affairs and ensure that they enter the information onto the system. You can go to a link on my website to check that your marriage is registered with home affairs which can take up to 2 months, but normally with me doing it, it takes only about a week. Normally this process can take many months and some have been known to wait 2 years, but not if I do the work for you.

No, according to South African law, a woman after her marriage may:-
(a) Assume her husband’s surname;
(b) Resume a surname, which she bore at any prior time;
(c) Join her maiden surname or previous married surname with that of her husband’s; or
(d) Retain her Maiden name.
Simply let me know which choice you will make before the ceremony.

Of course and yes I have already done this before, but be aware that the costume hire is for your expense! Themed weddings are always great fun, and medieval-style weddings are especially beautiful.

Yes, but it can be a nightmare preparing all the paperwork.

Quite simply: call or email me to determine availability and should I respond positively, then simply fill out the booking form and email it to me with proof of your retainer fee which then will confirm the booking of my service for your wedding date. Note that the Retainer fee is not refundable should the wedding be cancelled for any reason. The balance of payment is due no later than a week prior to the ceremony date. We can make an appointment so that we can get the ball rolling and payment can also be made at this point should you prefer and this can be done in cash or just EFT. We can then have a look at what you want (or don’t want as the case may be). Please note that the dates that you give me will only be a provisional booking and will only be confirmed once full payment has been made.

Discounts or trade-offs may be available in certain cases which is up to my discretion. I will help where I can.

BI-32  : Consent to the marriage of a minor

All the legal requirements for getting married are very simple and I will give you all the information and guidance you will require, as well as the vows and ring exchange details so you can relax. Just contact me at info@marriageofficiant.co.za

After the signing of the register has taken place I will give you a “manual marriage certificate”.

The following must be Faxed, emailed or presented to me at the first appointment or at least before the wedding so that all the papers work is in order prior to the ceremony:

The following must be, emailed or presented to me at the first appointment or at least before the wedding, so that all the paperwork is in order prior to the ceremony:

  • Two copies of both your IDs.
  • Three identical passport photos per person.
  • Two copies of your two witness’ IDs.
  • If you have been married before: I require you divorce decree that      has been certified and it must be in English or Afrikaans.
  • If you are a widow or widower: Death certificate.
  • I DO NOT NEED a copy of your ANC (ante-nuptual contract), but if you are intending to enter into one, please make sure that you conclude this prior to the day of the wedding or else you will pay tens of thousands to rectify it afterwards.
  • A Form Bl 32A is needed if any party is under the age of 21 – http://www.southafrica-newyork.net/homeaffairs/forms/bi-32.pdf
  • If the Bride is younger than 15 and the Bridegroom is younger than 18, permission to the marriage is needed from The Commissioner of Child Welfare.
  • There are a couple more things that I need from you because of the new home affairs register which is much more detailed. Sorry about this frustration.
  • Highest qualification.
  • Occupational position.
  • Birth place.
  • Birth country.
  • Current residential address of both of you.
  • Permanent residential address after marriage.
  • Postal address.
  • Contact Cell and Telephone numbers of both the witnesses.

I start charging R100 per half hour if I have to wait more than 15 minutes past the scheduled starting time of the wedding ceremony. Should you refuse to pay for abusing my time, I will just withhold the registration of your marriage papers, but trust this will never happen. Please note that no refund will be given if I am not able to perform the wedding ceremony because of any delays within the stipulated time period, because I have another appointment.

By law the bride and groom along with two witnesses and the marriage officer.

Your ANC (ante-nuptial contract) is extremely important if you are wanting one, as it must be concluded and signed prior to your wedding and for this you will need to see a lawyer.

An abridged certificate is a certificate printed by Home Affairs which contains both your personal details such as full names and ID numbers as well as the date of the marriage. I would suggest that you get this, as it is generally more acceptable than just the manual certificate.

The unabridged certificate which is known as a full marriage certificate, is a more formal certificate and contains more detailed information and is also printed by Home Affairs. This is required if you plan to travel extensively or emigrate. If one or both of you are not South Africans, the unabridged certificate will be required to register the marriage in your home country.

For ultimate proof of your marriage, you need the unabridged marriage certificate and you can use this in all circumstances To obtain this certificate can take up to 12 weeks. I can obtain this on your behalf should you require this, but I must be informed before I submit your legal documents to Home Affairs.

Note that you can only apply for these certificates once your marriage has been registered at Home Affairs.

You have to specifically apply for this certificate should you require one of the documents.

I can assist you in obtaining any of these documents should you require them, at the following costs:

  • Obtaining an abridged marriage certificate: R350.00.
  • Obtaining an unabridged marriage certificate: R800.00 (includes registered mailing cost to your door).
  • BI-130 : Application for an unabridged marriage certificate

That is entirely up to you. Some choose to meet with me in person while others choose to do everything via telephone and/or email, especially for reasons of distance and convenience. If possible, however, I would like to at least have a face-to-face chat with the two of you and if this is not possible, I would like to have a chat on Skype so I feel that I know you a little before the ceremony.