Wedding-Shoes-For-MenWedding Shoes

One of the last details that a bride thinks about is her shoes – but it should be one of the first! Your wedding day shoes will be the one thing that affects your whole day.Don’t wait until the last minute. Think about what you want and start looking for the perfect pair. Remember that you will need your wedding shoes for your wedding dress fitting!

Decide on all of the major requirements – heel height (and width), style and colour. This will help you narrow down your search. The heel height is probably the most important because it could affect your dress length – and making alterations to the dress may be costly. The width of the heel (or the “footprint”) is critical if you are going to walk on a rough surface such as grass or a carpet on grass.

Do get heels (unless you are already taller than the groom) – they will provide a better posture than flat shoes.Once you have settled on a pair of shoes, wear them for at least a whole day. Make sure they are comfortable. Not just comfortable for 5 minutes, but comfortable all day – standing, dancing, walking.Don’t forget shoe pads. Consider buying inserts to make your feet more comfortable. There are many types of inserts or pads that provide additional comfort for different parts of your feet.

If your dress isn’t too long, also buy a new pair of takkies – trainers, joggers, whatever. You can then change into them after your first dance. At that point, nobody will really be looking down at your feet.On a budget? Consider looking in your girlfriends’ cupboards. Why not have your shoes be the something borrowed on your big day? They may have some great formal shoes that can be used with your dress. It will save you money and give you your “borrowed” item.